07 October 2011

Start Saving on Petrol Today!

With the price of petrol going through the roof, it’s no wonder that people across the UK are cutting down on the amount they use. Using your car is often the most convenient option, but it’s time to ask yourself is it the most efficient? There are various things you can do to cut down on the amount of money you spend on petrol, with the added bonus of being kind to the environment.

1. Walk, cycle or take public transport on short journeys. A cold engine uses more fuel, making shorter distances less efficient.

2. Get rid of excess weight in your vehicle. A full trunk will require more petrol to shift.

3. Drive slower! It’s obvious, but the faster you drive, the more petrol you use.

4. Keep your engine well maintained, it will be more efficient and use less fuel.

5. Share car journeys with friends, family and neighbours when you can.

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