28 September 2011

Pet Insurance Explained

As a nation of animal lovers, many of us have pets. Whether you’re potty about parrots, dizzy over dogs or crazy for cats, the chances are you will need to visit the vet at some point. If you have pets, you know how much these bills can amount to. Pet insurance is a must. You can get all types of cover for a whole menagerie of animals. There is no equivalent to the NHS for your pets, so whether it’s a major operation or a general check-up, you’ll be footing the bill.

You can get cover not only for vet bills, but also if your pet is stolen, strays or dies. You can also get third party liability cover if your animal causes an accident, does any accidental damage and even holiday cancellation due to your pet.

There is often an excess to pay on any vet bill however, which is usually at a level which means you will have to pay for flea control treatments, worming and vaccinations. But this is not always the case, so make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions before you buy.

There are countless numbers of companies that offer insurance, so do your homework and find a policy that suits you and your beloved pet. Most companies cover cats and dogs, but if you have a more unusual animal like a reptile, exotic bird or horse, you may need to find a more specialist insurance company.

There are many pitfalls to look out for when buying pet insurance, other than an excess. Some policies will only cover a certain condition for a year. This means that if your pet has a reoccurring problem, anything from a specific type of cancer to an allergy or epilepsy, then you will only be covered for the first year. Always read the small print!

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