13 October 2011

Spending Too Much on Food?

It can often feel like you’re spending all your money on food. Prices seem to be going up constantly, from meat, fruit and vegetables to coffee and restaurants; it’s easy to spend a bomb just feeding you and your family. The trick with saving money on food is the same as saving money on anything - find a cheaper option and stop spending! Being aware of how much money you are spending is the first step. You won’t save anything without trying and making some cut backs.

The best step you can take towards saving is to cook at home from basic ingredients. By choosing meals that have inexpensive ingredients, you can really stretch out your budget. It is often healthier to cook meals yourself as you can more easily regulate fat, calorie and salt content. Avoid restaurants and take-aways when you can, the mark up is more than you might think!

Another great way to save is to take lunch into your place of work from home, or buy basic ingredients in a supermarket. The prices of sandwich shops, cafes and restaurants are hugely elevated, so why not make your own?

The bigger the supermarket, the lower the prices. Perhaps you should consider switching supermarket to a less expensive one if you really want to save money. Smaller convenience stores always have higher prices, so forward planning will save you money so you don’t have to pop around the corner to pick up extra items.

If you like your coffee, and buy one from a cafe on the way to work, this can really mount up. Why not make your coffee at home or at work? It might seem like a hassle but if you’re spending £3 a day on coffee, that amounts to £60 every month, so it’s really worth it.

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