22 September 2011

Want to Save Money But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Every day seems to bring more bad financial news at the moment, and even if you don’t understand completely the implications of it, we all know it’s not good. If ever there was a time to examine your finances and where your money is going, then this is it.

Saving money however is not always that easy. There always seems to be one reason or another cropping up meaning we can’t add to our savings accounts. It’s your mum’s birthday, the kids need new shoes, you’re going on holiday or whatever it is, there is always something. It can easily feel like your finances are out of your control.

There is no need to feel like this! If everything is a bit overwhelming and you are looking for some clarity, then keep a financial diary for a month or two. Write down everything you spend, in cash and on cards, even direct debits. A picture will quickly emerge of your spending patterns and bad habits.

We all have weaknesses and it’s usually the little things that add up rather than bigger expenses. Look at what you spend your cash on, and if there are ways to avoid parting with this money. We all have busy lives, but this trick is simple and doesn’t take much time. You’ll find that you save money just by keeping the diary as writing everything down will make you more reluctant to spend.

Whether you eat out once or twice too often a week, indulge in expensive clothes, taxis or holidays, there are always areas that you can work on with your spending. Old habits are hard to break, but think about what you’re buying and find a cheaper alternative. You’ll be so grateful in the long term .

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