28 June 2011

Thorntons Will Close 180 Stores Nationwide

On the one hundredth anniversary of Thorntons chocolatiers they have announced that they will be closing up to 180 stores.

The closures will put between 750 and 1,125 jobs at risk although the company has said that they will attempt to find alternative employment for some of the sacked workforce.

Thorntons has joined the list of high street stores that have been hit hard in the recession. Habitat and Oddbins have also been casualties of the downturn.

Redundancies will hit families hard. Many families’ finances have been stretched to breaking point in the current economic climate. They may even put pushed into debt.

Many commentators have said that the recession will bring about the end of the high street. It is so much cheaper to run stores online. Online stores save on property rental prices as they do not need expensive high street lots. Internet businesses save people the effort of making the trip to the shops.

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