29 June 2011

The Pound Is Down Against The Euro As Athens Burns

Despite the fact that Greece appears to be imploding the pound has still fallen against the euro today. The problem is that the UK services sector has slumped recently.

The pound fell to €1.113 today, the lowest level for the past month.

Commentators have been waiting for poor services output figures after the number of bank holidays the UK has had this year. Closing the banks inevitably hits the service industry. On the bright side people have argued that the month of April was an exceptional month for the UK service industry and figures in May will be more in line with positive growth.

A further problem is that the Bank of England has left interest rates on hold for so long. Many people have argued that this is weakening the economy and the pound. Doves on the MPC have argued that interest rates will stay low as long as the UK economy falters. Bears argue that the economy is struggling because of low interest rates.

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