01 June 2011

Are Rising Tuition Fees Putting People Off Going To University?

Year on year the number of people going to university has increased. This year, the number of applicants has fallen. This year students will have to pay hgiher tution fees. We can assume that it is no coincidence that the two events have come as a pair.

People are clearly considering alternatives to going to university. Students must think about whether the investment of time and money is well spent when they could go into work earlier, gaining valuable experience.

All universities are permitted to raise their fees to £9,000 per year. Some commentators have said (although some people may disagree) that the value of a degree from a Russel Group university is probably higher (in the workplace) than a degree from a former polytechnic.

This sort of view has resulted in people suggesting that those who pay full fees at universities should be allowed in separate to those who are receiving student loans. This suggestion has been received with consternation.

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