24 March 2011

The Queue For The iPad 2 Begins Thirty Three Hours Before Its Release

The first iPad 2 will go on sale at 5PM tomorrow but one man has already begun his vigil outside the Regent Street Apple Store so that he will be the first iPad 2 owner in the country. Jewels Lewis began queuing at 7.30AM.

The iPad 2 is in fact cheaper to purchase than the original iPad. The iPad 2 starts as £399 for the basic model. As these expensive gadgets become more common, more and more people are considering purchasing gadget insurance.

The average commuter on the train in London may be carrying a phone, tablet computer and maybe even a laptop too. All this gadgetry is fantastic but is also susceptible to knocks and bumps as well as malfunction. We have all seen someone spill their coffee down someone else on the tube.

In preparation for life’s accidents it is sensible to purchase a gadget insurance policy.

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