28 March 2011

Large Insurance Firm Moves To Enforce Wearing A Helmet On The Slopes

Essential Travel, an arm of the travel company Thomas Cook has made steps to make it the first insurer to insist on skiers wearing helmets if they want to be covered against head injuries.

A spokesman for the company said that the company was aiming for a “no helmet, no head injury cover”.
The move has provoked controversy as many skiers insist that wearing a helmet is over-cautious, the reserve of slalom skiers.

In Italy it is against the law for children to ski without a helmet.

Critics of Essential Travel’s proposal have pointed out that a skiers helmet would need to be seven inches thick and twenty inches wide in order to prevent injury in a head on collision at 30pmph. It would seem that insurers are not looking out for skiers’ best interests but are exploiting regulations to defend themselves against claims.

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