18 March 2011

Barclaycard Offer Credit Card With 20 Months 0% Deal

Barclaycard had made an offer on their new credit card that outstrips their competitors: The zero interest period on its balance transfer have been extended from 18 months to 20 months. Rival companies had been racing to catch up with Barclaycard’s previous offers, but when they release a similar deal, Barclaycard ups the stakes.

This competition between credit card companies is welcome as it benefits the consumer. However these credit cards are not handed over on request, you must have a good credit rating in order to be granted a card.

If this trend continues the conditions attached to credit cards may become even more favourable to the consumer. One commentator said that credit card companies may begin to offer two year interest free periods in the not so far future. Offers may not stop there as companies compete for business.

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