14 October 2009

A Trip Abroad

Here's a small story about Travel Money:

A recent trip to London from Europe was filled with shopping trips. The traveller, who is based in Paris, booked the trip last minute and forgot to organise travel money in advance. She used her regular credit card to make purchases at all the main London shopping destinations - Liberty, Topshop, Selfridges...not to mention restaurants and cafes. She thought it wouldn't matter until she saw the credit card statement - the fees and charges added on top of ATM withdrawals and purchases were astronomical!

This traveller learned her lesson. But she argued, well what about last minute trips? Sometimes there just isn't time to go online and order travel money. There is something you can do about this - find yourself a Travel FX Card now and enjoy it without having to worry in advance. A Travel FX Card allows you to spend your money without massive fees added on top, plus any leftover currency on the card can be used next time you go abroad. Handy and efficient!

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