22 October 2009

Banks carry out Cold Calls?

Fraud - we all try to fight it. We are warned daily about email scams, hackers, online banking and how to be safe...so the last thing we expect is confusion from our own banks about fraud.

Here's the story: high street banks like Lloyds and HSBC have been accused of confusing their customers by giving them cold calls. Some customers complained that they received a call claiming to be from their bank, were asked for personal details and when they questioned the caller, were told where they lived - this proved too worrying for some so they hung up.

However, the calls were genuine - but surely this shouldn't happen? After all, the Banking Code tells us never to divulge personal information or information regarding our bank accounts unless the recipient is trusted. If you do and become the victim of fraud, the bank will hold you viable.

If you are ever in any doubt over your high street bank, foreign exchange bank, investment bank or other - make sure you take control and ask to call them back.

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