16 June 2009

Shares Dealing or CFDs - Find Your Trade Type

Investment trading does not have to be scary or difficult. Ok, so it is important to do some background research before jumping into a market, but almost anyone can get involved. You may have some extra cash on the side and want to invest - where to start? Well, they key is to consider the various types of markets and trades, then see which one appeals to you most.

You might be someone who wants to invest slowly and across a range of industry sectors - then share dealing might be right for you. Or you may like excitement and speed - then the tougher Spread Betting or CFD trading might be more your style. Test the markets with free demo accounts, which all decent online brokers offer. Try their platforms, compare their services (do they offer support and training? What hours are they available? How much additional software - if any - is required?)

The most important question you need to ask yourself is: how much money can you afford to invest, and risk losing? Once you have covered some of these main topics, you can look towards an exciting and challenging trade experience.

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