17 June 2009

Financial Spread Betting in the Spotlight

Investing. It is at the forefront of our minds but where to start? Ok, let's say you want to get involved but just as a short-term, fast way to returns. So why not look at financial spread betting?

But isn't financial spread betting just another online gambling scam? No, this is not the case. Financial spread betting is a perfectly legitimate form of investment trading and as such is fully regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Many large investors partake in financial spread betting as a high-energy, high-speed way to make big returns. It's fun, but it's also high risk. Do not forget this is derivatives trading so it is made on margin. That means you can make big wins but massive losses. Losses can go beyond the actual position: you may be required to pay extra funds to cover the loss to the broker.

Try it, give it a whirl but do make yourself aware of the risks.

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