19 June 2009

Share Dealing - In it for the Long Run?

It just suits some people better than others. Paul, a stock broker in London's Canary Wharf, tells us: "There are different types of investors. Some want the thrill and adrenalin rush of Spread Betting and CFDs, others want to stay in it for the long run and prefer shares."

And that is it - you don't have to go for the latest trend in order to see great returns. Perhaps that kind of high-risk trade just isn't for you. Share dealing has been conducted for centuries and today is a huge global market, which anyone can access via the internet.

Just make sure that either you or your investment manager are clued up on the trends and research for the markets. Only that way can you make good, strategic choices. Make sure you diversify your portfolio as well, so that the risk is spread across a range of industry sectors.

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