16 November 2011

Want to Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter? Here’s How!

With the big 6 energy companies hiking up their prices by up to 18% this winter, more people across the UK will be in fuel poverty than over the last few years. Fuel poverty is when more than 10% of a household’s income goes on heating their home. Although things may not be that bad, we all could do with reducing the amount of money we spend on our gas bills.

Just as with saving money on anything, it’s not always easy and old bad habits must be broken in order to save. If you are serious about reducing your bills, helping the environment and saving yourself some cash. There are various small changes you can make, and bigger ones too, to save money today! Just follow these tips.

1. Insulate your home! Lagging your boiler and insulating the attic will save you more than you might think.

2. Turn it down. Have your heating on a lower heat to save money.

3. Turn it off. If you put your heating on a timer, you can often get away with having it on for just a couple of hours in the morning and a few hours at night.

4. Invest in double glazing! This costs money initially, but will save you in the long run.

5. Layer up. Put more clothes on, drink hot drinks and make a hot water bottle before you reach for the thermostat.

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