11 November 2011

Keen to Start Saving? Here Some Tips to Get you Started!

Saving money is not an easy thing to do at the best of times, let alone at a time when borrowing has become expensive, pay freezes are common and prices are rising. Saving money is not something that happens by itself; it takes planning and some effort.

The main thing you can do to make a difference is to stop spending! This is the only real way you will be able to add to your savings accounts. Here are some tips to help you pin point the areas you can save on today!

1. Keep a diary of all your outgoings. This is a great place to start to get a clear picture of your bad spending habits.

2. Cook at home, avoid eating out in restaurants and buying take aways. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save.

3. Keep a copy of your bank statement on the fridge to keep your finances on your mind so you’ll be more careful with your money!

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