25 February 2011

Will Your Insurer Cover The Damage Done By Household Pets?

According to a recent survey, pets have caused around £690 of damage to average UK household over the past year. It is unlikely that many of these people would be able to claim for damages on their insurance as very few insurers cover damage caused by pets.

Out of insurers surveyed twenty nine (incuding some of the market leaders) did not cover pet damage. The explanation for the lack of insurance for pet damage is that the behaviour of pets depends on whether they are trained or not and if they are trained, to what extent, and are thus impossible to underwrite.

Obviously some pets are more likely to cause damage than others: Dogs and cats are not only the most commonly owned pets, they are also prime candidates for causing domestic damage whereas birds and fish and smaller animals do little damage.

When purchasing insurance check the terms and conditions of your policy to see if it covers pet related damage.

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