11 February 2011

Which? Appeals To The Office Of Fair Trading Over Extortionate Card Charges

Which? has accused many well known companies from hoteliers to cinemas of charging inflated processing fees on transactions carried out by debit and credit card. Banks charge around ten pence to businesses for facilitating a debit card transaction; however the low budget airline Ryanair charges a five pound each way surcharge on a ticket purchased by debit card. These rip-off charges have been banned in other European countries such as France and Germany while customers in the UK are still being robbed blind.

Previously, the banks have been blamed for these fees but Which? insists that they are not to blame. The fact is the charges do not reflect the real cost incurred by businesses. Which? has submitted an appeal to the Office of Fair Trading, now they must wait for a decision from the OFT to decide whether regulations or even the law need to be changed.

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