28 September 2010

Fears Over Debt Management Companies

Oh dear. It is not a very bright day for debt management companies. With the news pouring in of more and more companies who face losing their license, one cannot help but feel worried and vulnerable.

Following an enquiry from The Office of Fair Trading, it has been discovered that as many as 129 firms are guilty of some degree of malpractice. The wrongdoing ranges from giving out biased or influencing advice (when in fact it should be impartial and honest) to misleading advertising and even some firms posing as ‘free’ government organisations.

This news shows that going it alone on the internet in search of these firms can be very risky indeed, especially when we know that by the end of this year alone, over £250 million will be paid to debt management companies.

Price comparison websites offer you a safe environment to get advise and/or help if that is what you choose. The companies have already been reviewed by the website and so you can be sure that the companies they showcase are respectable.

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