16 September 2010

Consumer Confidence Dwindles- Fight Back!

With today’s report from the Office of National Statistics revealing that retail sales have dropped in the month of August, we have to wonder whether we Britons have hidden our wallets away and resigned ourselves to evenings spent in watching X Factor and playing backgammon.

With more ominous data pouring in as a result of the terrible environmental and humanitarian floods disaster, major retailers have warned us that the price of cotton is set to sky rocket due to the cotton plantations being demolished in the flood waters.

However, I wonder whether the statistics truthfully reflect our shopping sentiment. I for one know that just because the price of cotton is on the up and despite the negative data released today, when I want to shop, I will. I think most people share this sentiment, and as Britons we are, as a nation, fairly resilient when it comes to financial crises.

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