01 May 2009

Metals and Indices Report Strong April

Copper as a commodity to trade has come to the forefront in light of gains in the last month. It rose to $4,459 a ton on the London Metal Exchange –an increase by 0.6 per cent. This data could make or break contract position on the metal. Other metals also saw increases.

The world’s largest importer of copper is China, and demand of the metal has increased there too since their fiscal stimulus programme has been put into place in March. Imports rose by 10 per cent to 296,843 tonnes.

Overall, it seems as though there is an increase in confidence on the markets as newsfeeds keep their hopeful outlook for the world economy, and China's success in light of fiscal boost also has an effect on world performance.

The FTSE 100 had its best monthly performance in six years this April. It closed at 4,243.71, an increase of over 20 per cent. The FTSE 250 also had a strong performance – it gained over 18 per cent, making it the best month on record.

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