14 May 2009

Credit Card Fraud - Customers or Banks to Blame?

Before 2004, every credit or debit card had its data stored on the magnetic strip, and identification was verified using the cardholder's signature. Then, Chip-and-PIN was introduced, changing card safety.

Banks are sure that the system is completely secure, and are unwilling to believe customers who claim they have been the victim of credit card fraud. According to them, if customers have been victims, it is their own fault: by being careless - or acted "without reasonable care". This is being called into question by customers and feel unfairly blamed for the way they have acted - or not as the case may be.

The UK payments association, Apacs, has confirmed that debit and credit card fraud at UK cash machines has risen by 31 per cent this year. So the question remains - is there indeed a slight hitch in the apparently unbeatable chip and PIN system?

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