29 July 2011

Nervous About the Impending US Debt Doom? Better Get Saving

As we await the US government's new legislation to be passed and the debt ceiling to be raised, hopefully saving all of our skins, the international financial markets have all but clammed up as investor confidence takes a beating. With the price of energy increasing, with promises from British Gas of further price hikes before the year is out, and the cost of petrol literally is driving away with our disposable income, it may be time to adjust the standard of living we have become so accustomed to and tighten our proverbial belts.

There are various ways you can save money on a daily basis, but also other ways you can save cash in the long run. Whether it’s insulating your home properly to avoid wasting money on heating, or properly planning the meals of the week to keep the cost of food down, making small changes to the way you live could really make a difference.

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