08 April 2011

All First Choice Holidays To Become All “Inclusive”

As of summer 2012, all First Choice holidays will be “all inclusive”. In a bid to save customers money, they will now pay a flat rate that covers transport, accommodation, food and drink. This style of travelling harks of past decades, until recently the trend for organising your own holiday and finding deals on the internet was popular.

A package holiday is a good option for anyone who does not want costs to build up. In the current economic climate it would not be a surprise to see a resurgence in the popularity of package holidays.

There are critics of package holidays who have been branded “travel snobs”: Some people argue that a package holidays removes any of the spontaneity of travel and only provides revenue for the holiday company, not the local economy.

There may be vocal critics of package holidays but that did not stop 17.9 million people booking one last year.

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