07 January 2011

Protect Yourselves!

“Spear Phishing” is the new term being used to describe the poaching of information from us, with sophisticated criminals targeting your computer, hacking into your personal information by using new kinds of corrupt software.

It is described by analysts as an “ingenious” and “malicious” method of identity theftand it effectively allows criminals to take complete control of your computer. One of the method’s use is a kind of email development that attacks your inbox to provide the intruder with vital pieces of your personal information.

Government employees and contractors have fallen victim to the ruse which only kicked in over the past holidays season, reeking havoc as naive innocents were conned into downloading the self-strengthening programme.

Let this be a lesson to us all. With identity theft becoming more and more sophisticated, we really must do all we can to protect ourselves. Obtaining identity theft protection is a way to create a virtual alarm bell for any unusual activity.

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