17 May 2010

Will the Euro Survive the Crisis?

Once again technical difficulties have prevented Which Way To Pay from posting updates recently - but we're back and those who are abreast of the latest economic news will know that the European debt crisis is still very much top of the list.

Gone are the days when it was said that the crisis was purely localised to the region. Sure, currently only euro zone countries are directly affected by the euro's battering on the currency exchange and other financial markets. But countries as far as Australia are now also feelingt the knock-on effect from the troubles which have dominated the agenda for Merkel and friends.

In the US, there is increasingly commentary about the longevity of the euro as a single currency. At inception in 1999, the euro was hailed as the next US dollar, a leading world currency. Now, even those as prominent as Fed Chief Paul Volcker are saying that there is a danger that the euro could actually topple.

Is it possible that the days for the 16-nation currency are numbered?

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