16 April 2010

Politics Lead to Pound Drop

Politics are taking over the news in the last few weeks up to the general election on 6th May. Last night ITV showed a debate between the three main party leaders:

- Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)
- David Cameron (Conservatives)
- Gordon Brown (Labour)

Before the debate was beamed out to UK households, the Conservative party had managed to gain a better lead over the Labour party leading a rise in the pound sterling on the foreign exchange market..

After all, it seemed as though a clear majority winner was on the cards after all. Then, Nick Clegg as the party leader least likely to see his party win the election, managed to win over the majority of audiences up and down the country with his convincing rhetoric.

Cue: drop in the pound as fresh uncertainty enters the race towards 6th May. Is a hung parliament back on the cards?

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