03 July 2009

Travel Money for Summer Holidays

I always used to forget about money when I went on holiday. I am so good with everything else: searching for good flight deals online, comparing offers, finding good hotels and nice locations. Then I'd go to the aiport and realise I forgot to organise travel money! Sometimes I'd even forget until I arrive at the destination and realise I can't buy a bottle of water. So I'd go to the airport bureau de change and find myself losing a lot of money in the exchange.

When I realised how much cheaper and easier it was to order travel money online, I made sure that I never forget!! I have even got myself a Travel FX Card because that is the handiest way to pay abroad. It's so easy and works just like a credit card, except that it holds only as much money as you have loaded on there. So no going over limit or being able to borrow! The exchange rate is uneatable and purchase and withdrawal fees put credit card ones to shame.

It is summer, time to sort the holiday! Now, what is first on the checklist....?

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