01 April 2009

G20 Leaders Gather in London

Gordon Brown is a focus of the G20 summit, as it has been many of his decisions and leadership that have come under the negative spotlight in the crisis. But will his attempt to call for a global approach aid his battered image? Some doubt that he will be able to recover his reputation and be taken seriously as an economic leader.

Levels of security are tight and a £7.5m security plan in place. City workers have been ordered to dress down and avoid wearing suits, to avoid becoming targets from protesters and campaigners, who have been spreading slogans such as "Hang a Banker".

This is US President Barack Obama's first trip to Europe since taking office, and many across the world have pinned hopes on him that he can bring together leaders to reach a new global initiative. But he'll be in for a tough ride as the summit has already been fraught with issues amongst leaders. France has already threatened a walkout if tighter regulations are not agreed on.

So while the leaders meet behind closed doors, is it not the City workers- the admin in currency markets, the overseas mortgage broker, the secretary at the bank -
who bear the brunt? Are they really to blame for what has happened on a global scale?

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