26 March 2009

Tax Year Near End, Time to Invest!

Invest? In stocks? Now? Are you mad?

Well, no.

The tax year is in its final weeks, and you have that ISA allowance sitting waiting to be invested। Yes, it seems a daunting prospect if you're not a regular investor - what about the economic crisis, will I see any returns?

There are so many options, and they include UK equity income funds which have some attractive rates at the moment, then there's the corporate bond: you can't invest in a company that is rated less than "A" so it's unlikely they will crash on you - and if you are that apprehensive, you should consider corporate bond unit trust funds, as your money goes to a group of company shares. You're likely to see some nice returns even if one or two of the companies go bust.

How about going further afield, to the USA - be careful though, as the exchange rate between the dollar and pound could go out of your favour. That said, the USA is often seen as the one who will recover first so it may be a wise move.

There are vast amounts of options - you could even go to the emerging markets, where stocks are cheap and things will pick up with the recovery of the West.

Whatever your idea, start making some moves, as tome is running out!

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