25 February 2009

Obama Addresses Congress - and the World

President made his first joint Congress last night.

Unfortunately for the new president, it was a huge disaster and he was ridiculed in the press for the speech.

And anyone who believes the previous sentence must have just arrived in normal civilization from the depths of a jungle somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The address, which was greeted with (mostly) a positive response from around the globe, gave a feel for a man who is ready to roll his sleeves up and work hard to regain strength and growth to the world's most important economy.

Mr Obama spoke of a country which had been behaving without regard for the future - people spending beyond their means, banks offering cheap or 'bad' loans to customers who couldn't afford them, a nation that was thinking in terms of short term gain.

Of course there was a negative response from the opposition, as is always the case. Bobby Jindal, a man who is already being tipped for possible future White House success, commented that the money Obama was spending in order to boost the country was money they don't have, and that it was 'wasteful'. He may be right, he may not - the real importance is whether it will do enough to help the US back onto its feet, as Obama believes it will.

Only one way to find out!

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